Made 100% with natural handpicked Elderflowers

Crafted in Järvsjö
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They say there’s something special with the Elderflower from the region of Halland on the west coast in Sweden. The flowers used in Flädercello have been gathered by hand, one by one to capture the ultimate taste of Swedish summer. The drink is meant to be served cold as it is or let it blossom into extraordinary drinks. Enjoy it carefully.

Love/ Claudia and Nathalie

Flädercello and Liqueur by H were founded by Nathalie and Claudia Håkansson. From Sweden and with a great love of cooking, the Flädercello journey started with an experiment in May 2019. Combining blooming Elderflowers with an old liqueur recipe, the sisters, who lived in Stockholm and Halmstad at the time, crafted and adjusted their formula over many months, until finally Flädercello was born. Throughout the summer Flädercello gained in popularity among their dinner guests, friends and visitors, with many commenting on the freshness andSwedishness of the flavor. So much so, by the end of that summer, Nathalie and Claudia decided to see whether Flädercello could be produced professionally. After many conversations and long nights, and with the subline help of Jonas Larsson from Tevsjö Distillery, we're now proud to bring you Flädercello and Liqueur by H.


The result is a bottle made from completely handpicked and natural elderflowers, and every grain used for the alcohol is local from Järvsö. The wheat comes from a local Farmer, Per Persson in Sörbo, Rengsjö. Per is a grain farmer who grows turnips, barley, spring wheat, autumn wheat, and oats. The wheat used in the liqueur is spring wheat called Anniina. Fläderblommor (elderflowers) are much-loved in Sweden. Swedes regard their annual appearance as an indication that summer has arrived. Elderflowers are rich in vitamin C and very aromatic. The elderflowers have been picked in Halland because there is a saying that there is something really special with the taste of these flowers. We hope you agree, and please enjoy our Flädercello with your friends and family too!